Creativity and bright ideas are the power behind our projects, loved and sponsored by many partners.

True Italian

In 2015 we created the brand TRUE ITALIAN, with the purpose of spreading the awareness of the real Italian food in Berlin. Sick and tired of seeing fake Italian restaurants all over around Germany, we felt like changing this situation and create a network of real Italian places.

We want to promote traditional and regional Italian food, created with proper ingredients. Therefore we organise events to promote the real Italian food in Germany: 72hrs True Italian, Pizza week, Pasta week and True Italian Street Food festival.

The first 72hrs True Italian took place in Berlin in 2016 and the idea behind to create the longest aperitivo ever, in more than 40 places. Aperitivo is a state of mind, truly Italian. We wanted to share this tradition with Germans and expats. And even a bar hopping was in our minds, that is why, together with our restaurants, we set a very low price. As simple as it gets: Aperol Spritz + dish for 7€. How can anyone resist?

And yes, Campari Deutschland is our main partner 🙂

Our True Italian places sold 4000 specialties in just 3 days. Amazing, isn’t it?

We have come to the 4th edition of this event in 2019 and we managed to organise it in 2 cities: Berlin and Hamburg, with great results! Rock on!


True Italian Pasta Week, True Italian Pizza Week

The Queens of Italian cuisine! All the Italian restaurants are offering these 2 beauties (or at least one or the other), mixed with amazing products and sauces. We really couldn’t miss the occasion of dedicating 2 events to the “must have” of the Italian tradition. Talking to the Italian chefs in Berlin we realised the need of pushing their business during 2 very calm months: April (so we decided for the Pizza week) and November (and we decided for the Pasta Week). These 2 events take place since 2017.

The low price, offers the chance to taste Spritz, pizza and pasta more than once in a week, and the chance to discover new Italian places. Again, Campari is our main sponsor 🙂

In 2019 the success was confirmed by numbers: among Pizza Week and Pasta Week we had more than 60 participants and about 10.000 specialties sold! BIG numbers!

True Italian Street Food festival

Street food is a big thing in Italy and we have lots of Italians in Berlin preparing and selling high quality food at street markets. 

It was easy to think of an event which included the best of the Italian street food, sponsored by Campari Deutschland and organised it in the beautiful location on the Spree, the Osthafen.

The participation was huge, we had 6.500 paying visitors in 2 days!