Content marketing & Social media

Facebook, Instagram and Google Business. A great communication strategy is linked to social media use. The latter are whole world to explore, rich of opportunities to grow your business. Being on social media is not something that one can improvise. Using editorial plans, announcements, consultations, promotional campaign, post, graphic design, video and stories we lead you in this world helping to help you to talk to, entertain and captivate the audience.
We both know the German and Italian target and this alouds us to create new and exciting body copies.

Original contents appositly created for your company are the key to our communication agency’s success. Give voice to your business, become popular here in Germany as you have never done before.

Main projects

The Projects we handle are a symbol of the Italian-German connection. Working in connection with restaurant that are members of True Italian  brand, we are able to organize several events (Pizza Week, Italian Street Food Festival, Pasta Week, 72 hours True Italian Food) in order to celebrate the Italian food and wine culture and its excellences, so appreciated by Germans. Initiatives in which we celebrate Italy in its most  genuine and famous image.

Our partnerships include Campari, Amaro Lucano, San Pellegrino, the Italian Cultural Institute of Berlin, the Italian Embassy in Berlin, the Travelling Film Festival, and the Comites Berlin.

Moreover, we are dealing with social media, brand strategy, and promotion of these following places. Each one it’s a story of success, passion and devotion.