PR & Media Relations

Our influence in Germany is awarded with the participation to the most iconic events around culture promotion. We have been press partners for the Italian Embassy in Berlin, the IFF (Italian Film Festival) and the Seret international Film festival.

There is no event’s success without a large press review. Thanks to our long-term presence in Germany, we have a mailing list which includes thousands of newspapers contacts, blog or influencer that live in Germany.

Our events appeared on publications like Tagesspiegel, Berliner Zeitung, ANSA, Repubblica, Rai and so on.
We make press kits and administer the event’s communication and press release.

Here are some of the best articles about our events:

Berlin Ice Cream Week 2020

Berlin Ice Cream Week 2020

BZ Italian Street Food Festival Berlin 2019

Tagesspiegel 72hrs True Italian 2019

Tagesspiegel True Italian Pizza Week 2019

BZ 72hrs True Italian 2016