Our main projects

72 hrs True Italian Food (since 2016, every year in September)
True Italian

True Italian Pizza Week (since 2017, every year in April)

Italian Street Food Festival (June 2018, again June 2019)

True Italian Pasta Week (since 2018, every year in November)

Travelling Film Festival Berlin (since 2018, every year in November)

Media partnership for Italian Film Festival Berlin (since 2014)

italian film festival berlin

This is what we did

Sardisches Filmfestival Berlin (1-4 June 2017)


Temporary shop VENETIEN – in partnership with Regione Veneto and Gruppo ICAT

Temporary shop VENETIEN

Cinefood in collaboration with Lucana Film Commission and Prometa Servizi

cinefood berlin

C.I.Bi Consorzio Italiano per il Biologico (2015)