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We use various channels, work as a press office and run the most widely read online magazine in Italian, in Germany.

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We fully involve various channels in the process of making your brand big in Germany. Beside managing influential social media pages on Instagram and Facebook, we highlight your story through our contacts with journalists and influencers, and we also proudly manage Berlino Magazine which boasts thousands of readers and followers: an online publication about current news, that serves as an ideal bridge between Germany and Italy. The pool of users is huge, thanks to the articles, sponsorships, and to the weekly newsletter which reaches thousands of subscribers.

Some Numbers

Berlino Magazine 2021

+ 1
Thousands of followers on FB
+ 100
Thousands monthly readers
+ 1
Thousands of newsletter subscribers
+ 1
Thousands of Followers on IG

Tons of followers and potential customers.

This is the media resonance you were looking for.

Berlino Magazine’s readers are mainly Italians living abroad,  specifically in Germany.

Berlino Magazine deals with sponsored articles for many different companies willing to reach a wide audience.

We love to work with companies and brands and tell their story to make them stand out from the crowd.

Our experienced team of journalists and social media managers are waiting for your story to be told!

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